Photographic cameras and photo tips

Red-eye reduction

Are you wondering how to avoid such a problematic, especially for the novice photographer, „red eye effect”? To fight the enemy, first get familiar with few optics details. Red-eye reduction Red eye occurs when you use flash needed to phorograph with the absence of light. Artificial light rays are reflected from the fundus, and obtain a red color, „thanks to” dye contained in the retina. To avoid turning people and animals that are photographed into albino, first try not to direct the lamp light in the eye or make the object itself to look away.   Another solution for removing the red eye effect is to set an object in a more lit place, in the way that the eyes do not have to fight the darkness, or transfer flash from the optical axis of the camera. You can also buy a camera with a reducer of this effect, which would almost guarantee success thanks to earlier „faked” light, ensuring response of eye to light - that is, miosis and thus preventing the reflection from the fundus.