Photographic cameras and photo tips

How to take good panoramic photo?

To take good panoramic photo, be sure to lock the exposure (exposure is the amount of light striking the sensor or film). In many automatic cameras, there is blocking function of exposure but if the camera does not have it, you need o remember few essential principles. Properly taken panoramic picture, is the one showing natural and even distribution of shadow and light. Therefore, it is important to set the camera with same parameters of aperture, exposure time (shutter) and sensitivity (ISO setting). Any photo must be taken with the same parameters. We must remember that in order to set the camera for a specific image, we should choose the brightest area. This will help avoiding overexposure of the image. Pitfalls in taking panoramic photos appear not only in badly chosen parameters such as shutter or aperture setting. A frame that we wish to put in the picture, should not be saturated with elements that are closest to the lens and are placed on different plans. This may lead to the fact that so-called "parallax effect" appears, which is defined as an apparent change of position of objects to each other in successive images . Also, the setting with respect to the sun in panoramic photography is of great importance. The consequences of wrong settings are flare showing on the picture, burn effect, or strong decrease in contrast. The best place to take photos, is always in the opposite direction to the sun.