Photographic cameras and photo tips

Basic photography terms

For a beginning photographer, elementary concepts should be: frame and „strong point”. In order to out of a single frame of photographic film irradiated by us, extract parts, which for the observer of our photography are key(these strong points), we must know where they are located. The most important rule is the so-called line of golden section or divine proportion .They occur when dividing a section into two unequal parts, the relationship of these parts, longer to the shorter will be equal to the ratio of the entire segment to longer part. However, in order to not discourage young adept of photography, let s say, that the principle of hirds may also be used with almost equal success, which means dividing the framework of a future ideal photo into 9 equal parts. This gives four strong lines and four power points, so it is helpful when composing the perfect image. To facilitate , that is why many manufacturers put in their products nets, aimed at easier and more favorable configuration of the elements that the user wishes to include in his work.