Photographic cameras and photo tips

How to take photos?

First, before we shoot, we must determine from which side the light falls. We should stand in such a way that its source is located behind our backs, illuminating the object. To this end, we can also use the flash, which despite appearances is not only for taking pictures at night. But we must remember that the flash range is usually about 2 meters - it illuminates the object, but the background remains in the shade. You will get sharp pictures when you first press the shutter button halfway and then take a photograph. Secondly, pay attention to composition of the frame. It is worth to be guided by the principle of golden ratio , which says that the most important object images should be placed at a distance of one third from the edge (and not in the middle). It is the most optimal composition for our eye. Thirdly, use available modes to facilitate execution of specific shots (portrait, pictures in motion, close-ups, landscapes, etc.). Thanks to them, our images can really benefit from the quality. Many people think that developing digital photos is pointless, because you can always see them on the computer screen. Unfortunately, usually we see them only once or twice and it is just after they were taken. Therefore, in order for the best memories not to fade too quickly, choose the best photographs and turn them into prints.