Photographic cameras and photo tips

Methods of framing photos

One method of framing photographs, at glance very complicated, is so called. golden spiral, which consists of connected quarters of circles forming a continuous line. These rectangles are formed by the golden ratio, as described by Pythagoras or his students back in ancient Greece. It amounts to around 1,618. Drawing a rectangle with sides in such a ratio (like 1cm. and 1.68 cm.) and placing one square and another inside, proportional to the large rectangle, we obtain a composition in which at each successive square, we can draw the arc of the circle. This somewhat complicated description allows „drawing” on the frame regular spirals, which we put on the object captured on our photography. The compositions of this type are very difficult to see, but the effort is certainly worth taking, because it captivates the viewer with an unprecedented harmony and almost hypnotic symmetry, which you can not see at first glance. To have a slightly easier task, an aspiring photographer willing to capture the spiral in the environment, should decide to purchase a DSLR with for example 3:2 aspect ratio (ie aspect ratio of 1.5- is very close to our golden) and to avoid cameras of 4 3, in which the proportion is more square - 1.33. Equipped with the above knowledge, everyone should be able to have more professional look on the shelves of photographic equipment.